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Tickets for Batibouw 2014

Bativox, la plateforme online des produits du bâtiment, vient de lancer un concours où vous pouvez gagner des tickets gratuits ou des entrées gratuites pour Batibouw 2014.

Bativox takes off

Bativox is a communication platform in the AEC industry allowing professionals to stay up-to-date on the latest building products.

New site for Karla Mertens

The new site for jewelry designer Karla Mertens goes live!

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This demo is built around RestoPolis: a website showing your favourite restaurants. Via an administration site, named RestoPolis Admin, you can manage RestoPolis without being a computer expert :  Word-like interfaces, automated photo processing for the creation of thumbnails,....

Automated links with other web applications such as Google Maps,... further simplify the management of the website.
If you think you already have a good idea of what this demo is about and if your are logged in (you need  a ValueBytes account), then you can start of right away:

You are still not sure what this demo is about? No problem. Just follow the guided tour below and discover RestoPolis step by step. 


GUIDED TOURvaluebytes
Do you have a  ValueBytes account?
To access the demos you need to log in with your ValueBytes account first. If you do not have a ValueBytes account yet,  please click here to create one.


Are you logged in?
After ahving created and activated your account, you need to log in. Click here to log in.


Start the demo
You are now ready to start the demo. As indicated in the introduction the demo consists of 2 websites: the public website "RestoPolis" and the corresponding administration site "RestoPolis Admin". In a normal setting the former would not be password protected but the latter would be. In this demo both sites are password protected via your account allowing you to test both sites without having to worry that your data can be changed or seen by others. 


Discover RestoPolis
Click here to open the RestoPolis site in a new window. The page you will see contains an overview table of the restaurants present on your site. Upon creation of your account your version of the demo was preloaded with 2 imaginary restaurants: "Come a casa" and "De grijze garnaal". Click on "Show details" in the last column of the table to see the details of the restaurants "Come a casa".

You land on a page containing text, photos, scores, an address and a map. All this information can be added via the content management system RestoPolis Admin. The photos and the map are created/calculated automatically based on the info entered in RestoPolis Admin. 


The map and the indicated location were created automatically based on the entered textual address. This illustrates the link that was created in this demo between 2 web applications: RestoPolis Admin and Google Maps. When you move the mouse over the marker on the map, an information window appears showing some details as well as a route planner (click on "Get direction to...").


Each time a photo is added via RestoPolis Admin, a thumbnail as well as a photo resized to fit in a slide show are automatically created. This way, all heights are adjusted so as to obtain an optimal layout.  To start the slide show, just click on one of the thumbnails at the top of the text. 


On the left hand side you will see the introductions to the news items.  Click on ">>More" to read the entire message. You will be transferred to the "News' page.

Add new information
After this short introduction, it is time to start managing the site yourself. Click here to open "RestoPolis Admin".


The first page you will see, allows you to add a new restaurant. Fill out all the fields and make sure you enter an existing address. You will soon find out that RestoPolis Admin will do the necessary processing to generate automatically in RestoPolis a map with a green marker at the specified textual address. You do not have to add a photo yet since we will come back to this in a moment.

After having clicked the "Save" button, you are directed to a page were you can consult the data that you just entered. Are you curious what the info looks like on the  RestoPolis "public" site?  Click here and discover your added restaurant in the RestoPolis site by clicking the link "Show details" in the overview table. If you entered an existing address you will see a Google Map with a green marker indicating the location you entered via RestoPolis Admin.  


Modify existing information
You would like to modify the information of the restaurant you just added? No problem! Click here to go to RestoPolis Admin, click on the link "Restaurants" (on the first line of the menubar) and then click on the link "Search" (on the second line of the menubar). Click in the overview table on the link "Modify" that corresponds to the restaurant you just added. Scroll down to the section  "Add photo for restaurant" and select via the "Browse" button a photo on you PC that you would like to add to this restaurant (since this is a demo, only photos of less than 1 Mbyte are accepted). Click the "Add" button. The photo is now being transferred to the webserver. Once on the webserver a thumbnail an a larger size photo for use in a slide show are automatically created. You can see how the photo has been processed by looking at the restaurant detail on RestoPolis.


Do some more tests!
During this guided tour you have discovered the general principles and some examples of a website content management system. Do not hesistate to do some more tests by adding news items, restaurants, extra photos or by modifying content that you added previously.


Tailor-made web applications
The main purpose of this demo is to give you an idea of what a content management system is about and what it can mean for you. It goes without saying that each (content) management system has to be adapted to your specific needs and can be linked to specific applications, software, databases,... that are already in use in your company in order to achieve maximal efficiency and user-friendliness.

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